About the Company

The Corporate Relations Division (CRD) of ECC was established in 1985 to meet the language education needs of the corporate and academic sectors.

We specialize in Corporate, University, and Junior High School classes

Types of work and Payment

Please note that there can be some differences in payment depending on the client and
the center you are applying to (Kanto, Kansai, and Chubu)


Limited teaching experience?

No problem! ECC has paid core training as well as follow-up training sessions.

Training is geared toward classroom management techniques that engage students and maximize speaking opportunities in the classroom.

Training and support are given throughout your time at ECC. We have ongoing trainings and workshops that help teachers improve and adapt to the teaching world in Japan.

Teachers will also be asked to take responsibility for their own professional development and to work as a team with other teachers to pool ideas, information, and to help each other.

Teachers should participate positively and actively in orientations, workshops, and training sessions, as well as in all aspects of the observation, feedback, and professional development processes.

We have a general training session to address basic skills and ECC-specific skills in the classroom. We also have specific training sessions that will address individual textbook, course, and client needs.

As we hire on a part-time basis, we offer multiple training dates to suit personal schedules.


We recruit teachers throughout the year with the goal of maximizing enrollment for April. Ideally, we need people on board early, as we start scheduling from December. But we do have clients starting throughout the year.

What we are looking for:

Someone who recognizes the need to continually be growing and developing themselves and understands the importance of education

-Well-developed organization and communication skills
-Professional demeanor and mature approach

As classes take place at the clients’ premises, teachers need to be able to work independently and communicate effectively with the Education and Personnel sections. Teaching skills are paramount, but logic, consideration, and organization outside of the classroom are also of high importance.

We recruit native English speakers who have a status of residence (visa) that allows them to be employed in Japan. We are willing to help with status renewal, but applicants must have a sufficient amount of time left on their current status.


As we have clients across the major centers of Kanto, Kansai, and Chubu we try to offer schedules that fit our individual teachers. Some teachers will just work one class a week, and others will work six to ten classes per week during peak times.

Sample schedules:

Our Education centers are regularly growing and shifting to match the demands of the market. We have a flexible scheduling system that allows employees to work schedules, in areas that are best suitable for their personal needs.

How to Apply

Submit a professional cover letter that targets,
and highlights your suitability for CRD.

Submit a professional résumé that clearly shows your work and education history (chronologically from most recent). Work history must include start and finish dates as well as duties and responsibilities. Education history must include start and finish dates and degree(s) obtained (including subject).

The cover letter (or resume) must include

  • your status of residence (visa)
  • days and times you are available for work
  • local cell phone number
  • geographic location (train station)

Only candidates providing all the requested information will be considered.